Why Invest in the REME-HALO® Air Purifier?

reme halo air purifier

Poor indoor air quality can have serious consequences on your health and well-being, leading to a variety of illnesses for you and your loved ones. Luckily, with the REME-HALO® air purifier, maintaining clean indoor air quality becomes hassle-free.

At AC Designs, we recognize the important role that clean air plays in keeping your family healthy and safe. We’re here to teach you why investing in this innovative air purifier is a smart choice for your indoor space and all the benefits you can expect. 

Benefits of the REME Halo Air Purifier 

Installed above your unit’s air handler cabinet, the purifier utilizes two different types of advanced technology to purify the air in your home or office. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect:

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air indoors can be more polluted than the air outdoors? Poor indoor air quality can worsen a variety of health issues, including respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, and even contribute to the spread of illnesses such as the common cold and flu. 

With most people spending over 90% of their time indoors, investing in solutions like the REME-HALO® air purifier is essential to stay comfortable and healthy. The system’s cutting-edge technology ensures that the air circulating throughout your home is clean and free of pollutants and harmful bacteria. 

How Does It Work?

Using ionization technology, the purifier makes the dust, dander, and pollen molecules floating throughout your home become sticky and attach to one another, allowing them to be easily picked up by the system’s filters. 

The purifier also generates low levels of hydrogen peroxide that circulates throughout your indoor space, eliminating bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores in both the air and on surfaces. It’s important to replace the purifier’s core every two years for optimal protection and performance.

Easy Use & Minimal Maintenance

Unlike traditional air purifiers that can be difficult to use and maintain, the REME-HALO® air purifier is designed with simplicity in mind. It seamlessly integrates into your central air vent system without the need for constant adjustments or relocation. 

Another advantage of the REME HALO® air purifier is its easy maintenance. While some air purifier models require professional assistance for routine upkeep, this system eliminates the need for complicated maintenance, making it easier for you to keep your indoor air clean and fresh all year long.

The Value of Clean Air is Priceless

Investing in clean air for your home is truly invaluable. While the REME HALO® air purifier might come with a slightly higher price tag than some other purification system options, the benefits it brings are well worth it.

Purchasing this air purifier is an investment in your health and comfort that pays off in the long run. The system is built to last, and its durable construction and high-performance design mean you can trust it to keep your indoor air clean and fresh for years to come.

AC Designs Indoor Air Quality Service

With its advanced technology, user-friendly design, and long-term benefits, investing in the REME HALO® air purifier is a step towards creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for your home. Don’t settle for anything less than comfort in your Jacksonville, FL home – call AC Designs today!