What You Should Do to Get Your AC Ready for the Dog Days of Summer

ac designs team

Even if you’re not sweating just yet, doubling down on air conditioning service in the spring is a good idea for your home and for your budget. You don’t want to have to deal with a broken-down AC system in the middle of the summer, so prepare for the dog days of summer now with some help from our technicians and their expert advice.

Change Your Filter!

And we’re not just saying this for your health. A dirty air filter is actually more detrimental to an air conditioning system than you might think. It can stop air from flowing into the AC system, and the reduction in airflow may force the unit to struggle, raising your bills and keeping you a lot less comfortable, especially once extreme temperatures hit.

Keep the Area Clean

Don’t leave your bike propped up against the outside AC unit, and don’t let the nearby bushes become overgrown. Keep the outside unit clear, and pick up any leaves or debris you find on it or too close to the system. It needs space to properly allow for heat transfer.

Call a Technician

Regular AC maintenance visits can improve the condition of your AC and make it less likely to need repairs during the hottest days of summer. You can schedule maintenance in the spring and see the difference in your AC system’s performance come summer, with lower energy bills, shorter run times, and fewer breakdowns.

Need service for an existing problem? Call a technician for a repair ASAP. Waiting too long for AC repair can allow your unit to get even worse. You might end up spending more when extreme temperatures overwork the system and cause it to fail on the hottest of days.

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