What Happens During AC Maintenance?

An ac technician performing maintenance on an AC unit

Over the last two years, the home has become an especially popular place to be. But are you taking proper care of it? When was the last time you had an AC unit maintenance check? If you don’t schedule annual maintenance for your home’s AC unit, you are putting your overall well-being at risk.

Preventative AC maintenance goes a long way in fostering a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones. Here’s how AC maintenance appointments will help you stay in your comfort zone.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

AC maintenance benefits include less money spent, more love for the environment, and a greater focus on your health. How much money you will save depends on how well you take care of your AC. The easiest way to save money on your air conditioning unit is by identifying and preventing issues before they arise.

During your AC maintenance appointment, an experienced HVAC tech can pinpoint any issues they see with your unit. Then they can address any problems before they become major issues. They may also recommend other money-saving improvements for your unit based on your AC habits, where you live, and the time of year.

When an AC unit is given proper preventative attention, it consumes less fuel and becomes more energy efficient. Your unit’s efficiency may also be affected by dirty air filters, dirty condenser coils, inadequate ventilation, and more. Routine maintenance can catch these smaller issues and correct them to help improve your unit’s efficiency.

The air you breathe every day is crucial to your overall health. AC Designs’ indoor air quality specialists can correct any poor air quality issues within your unit. They can also make recommendations for air filters or air quality monitors to keep track of the pollutants in your home.

Finally, when your AC unit is maintained properly, you’ll get to enjoy it for many more years to come. When you treat it well, it experiences less wear and tear which contributes to a longer lifespan.

What to Expect From Your Maintenance Appointment

During your maintenance appointment, the HVAC technician will inspect your unit to ensure it is running efficiently. They may check and test components such as the blower motor, thermostat, condenser coil, fan blades, and capacitors.

They should also check your air filter and clean or change it if necessary to improve your indoor air quality. Additionally, you can expect them to inspect the safety components within your unit to ensure they are operating properly.

Make sure your HVAC technician checks your refrigerant level. This is a crucial step in your maintenance appointment. A loss of refrigerant means that a leak may have occurred. If possible, your technician should locate and repair the leak during your appointment.

Consider Joining a Maintenance Program

AC maintenance benefits ensure that you can stay in your comfort zone all year long. It is crucial to give your AC unit proper attention and maintenance to keep your home healthy and energy-efficient. Joining a preventative maintenance program can take the stress off of you when it comes to caring for your HVAC unit. At AC Designs, our Preferred Customer Maintenance Program includes the following:

  • Two pre-scheduled system checks per year, same day service, one-day replacement on parts and units (except special orders), 24-hour emergency service
  • You can enjoy lower utility bills, improved reliability, extended life, fewer repairs, improved capacity, improved safety
  • ½ off diagnostic fee, 20% discount on repairs, professionally trained technicians

Don’t wait to claim all of the positive AC maintenance benefits. They are all just one phone call away. Schedule your preventative maintenance appointment with A/C Designs, a trusted HVAC company in Jacksonville, FL, today.