What Are My Heating Options in St. Augustine?

ac designs team

St. Augustine enjoys the same pleasant winters that attract visitors to everywhere in the state when the temperatures drops elsewhere in the country. However, we can’t escape cold weather entirely here in Florida, and it’s important that you have a heater in your house that is ready to go to work when necessary.

Below are some of your options for quality heating in St. Augustine, FL. If you need to have a new heating installation for your home, call AC Designs Inc. today. You’ll need the help of our professionals to make certain that you receive the ideal system for your needs. We will handle the installation work so that the new heater provides you with many years of trouble-free comfort.

Some Choices for Heating

  • Heat pumps: For Florida weather, a heat pump is a terrific option. These systems work as both heaters and air conditioners: essentially, they are ACs that can reverse the direction they move heat so that instead of shifting heat out of a house, the shift it into a house. A reason that heat pumps are an excellent idea for Florida is that they work most efficiently as heaters during mild cold weather. A heat pump will struggle in sub-freezing temperatures—but how often do those occur in Florida? When heat pumps are providing warmth during mild cold, they obtain energy efficiency superior to most other heating systems. And, of course, a heat pump will deliver fantastic cooling during the rest of the year.
  • Gas furnaces: The most common kind of heating system in the U.S. is the gas furnace, and for some excellent reasons. Gas furnaces can produce high levels of heat, able to keep even the draftiest of homes warm. Because natural gas is less expensive an energy source than electricity, gas furnaces are also one of the less costly heating systems to run. Modern gas furnaces are also safer than older units, so you should have few worries about dangers due to carbon monoxide.
  • Electric furnaces: If your home does not have access to a natural gas line, you can choose instead to have an electric furnace installed. Although they cost more to operate than gas furnaces, you won’t need to run the system often during a Florida winter. They have a number of advantages, such as long service lives, small size, and few repair needs. If you are concerned about using natural gas in your house, an electric furnace is a good alternative.

Call Us for a Great Heating Installation

Our technicians at AC Designs Inc. are glad to help you with your needs for heating in St. Augustine, FL. Let us look over your home and find the right system that will keep it warm and match your budget plans. You can count on our more than 10 years of experience keeping the greater Jacksonville and Daytona areas comfortable.