Ways to Easily Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Ways to Easily Improve Your Indoor Air Quality | A/C Designs

The air quality inside your home might seem like it’s out of your control. However, there are several quick, inexpensive, and nearly effortless ways you can improve your indoor air quality.

1. Cleaning

There are several areas of your cleaning regimen that can improve your home’s air. If possible, try steaming your tile or wood floors rather than mopping as the hot steam will kill more bacteria and allergens than mopping. And while you’re cleaning your floors, remember to vacuum as often as possible as dirt and allergens can get trapped in carpet. Dusting regularly helps reduce one of the most common allergens while also getting rid of things like pet dander and hair. You should also be sure to open doors or windows or run a fan while cleaning your house as chemicals from cleaners can negatively impact your air quality.

2. Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit not only keeps your home comfortable, it also plays a key role in its air quality. One of the easiest things you can do to help improve the indoor air is to change your A/C filters regularly. Keeping the vents clean and dust-free also helps keep these substances from ending up in the air you breathe.

3. Plants

In addition to their beauty, some indoor plants are also great at filtering out harmful chemicals and leaving oxygen in their place. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, indoor plants like the peace lily, bamboo palm, and pot mum are known to be easy to grow and maintain. One thing to remember is because these kinds of plants do such a great job of cleaning the air, many will need to be watered frequently.

4. Ventilation

Living in a well-sealed home has several advantages making it more comfortable against the weather outside and helping to reduce your utility bills. One disadvantage of this is that it can trap stagnant air inside and reduce your indoor air quality. Ventilation is key here, and the easiest way to do so is by opening your windows and doors. If pollen, outside traffic or the heat and humidity are concerns, choose the right time of the day to ventilate your home. Usually, this is going to be early in the morning.

Your air conditioning unit is responsible for circulating the air throughout your home so it’s important to maintain it regularly. Doing so helps improve your indoor air quality, comfort level, and overall health. Our maintenance program provides worry-free services that improve your home’s air quality by providing scheduled unit checks throughout the year, same day service, 24-hour emergency service, and more! You can trust your unit with the experts at A/C Designs, serving Jacksonville, FL and nearby areas for more than 10 years.