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At AC Designs, we’re proud to be a 100% family-owned and operated business. For over 20 years, we’ve been committed to delivering the very best customer service possible. Our team is made up of 180+ experts in what life is like on the First Coast. 

Everyone at AC Designs will go the extra mile to ensure any air conditioning needs you may encounter are met with personalized care and expertise. If you agree that we provide the best HVAC services in Northeast Florida, vote for us for this year’s Bold City Best competition. Your vote means everything to us and will help other homeowners across the First Coast find us for all their AC needs. Thank you in advance!

Why Choose a Family-Owned AC Company?

Selecting the right service provider is crucial when it comes to maintaining and optimizing your home’s air conditioning and heating system. Many nationally-owned HVAC companies prioritize sales quotas and aggressive selling techniques. 

This causes them to lose sight of the customer, pushing unnecessary repairs just to earn commission and meet national expectations. At AC Designs, we operate in the capacity of a large corporation while keeping a family-oriented vision. 

We value the relationships we create with customers and personalize our service to you. AC Designs understands that Jacksonville and St. Augustine are different from other regions of the country, or even Florida, and can promise that no quota will alter your experience. 

AC Designs team
AC Designs team in 2012.

Commitment to Quality

The AC Designs staff takes pride in upholding our legacy as a family-owned business, ensuring every customer receives the attention and care that they deserve. Our company is proud to offer high-quality services that you won’t receive from a corporate-owned company. 

AC Designs technicians are trained to consider the customer and their needs first. We don’t champion part repairs with a commission and allow ample time to complete our services. You can rest assured that if we diagnose an issue, it was done out of necessity, not for an extra dollar. 

Our team of NATE-certified technicians provides high-quality services, including AC repair, maintenance, replacement, and other indoor air solutions. AC Designs was named Bold City’s Best AC/Heating Service company three years in a row based on our outstanding air conditioning services.

We offer a wide range of the best AC unit brands, and our knowledgeable staff can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific air conditioning needs. The AC Designs team is dedicated to ensuring that our commitment to our customers is reflected in every aspect of our services. 

Understanding Your Neighborhood

One of the unique advantages of hiring our family-owned AC company is our deep understanding of your neighborhood and its specific climate conditions. This way, our technicians can provide the most appropriate suggestions for your home and air conditioning needs.

AC Designs technicians have a greater understanding of the local weather patterns in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, a knowledge that corporate-owned companies often don’t have. This enables our team to make informed recommendations regarding the size and type of AC unit that best suits your home. 

Unlike corporate-owned AC companies, our family-owned AC company won’t try to upsell you on unnecessary units or services. AC Designs’ personalized approach ensures that you receive recommendations that align with your specific needs, resulting in efficient solutions that won’t break the bank.

Enhanced Customer Service

Another advantage of choosing a family-owned AC company is the enhanced level of customer service you can expect. At AC Designs, the relationship between our owners and employees is personal – our team knows who they work for and the values that our business strives to deliver. 

This encourages our staff members to take full ownership of customer experience, ensuring that if any issues arise, we make them right. Unlike corporate-owned companies, our family-owned AC company offers a direct line of communication to those in charge, allowing for faster responses and solutions.

AC Designs also provides After Hours service, along with other benefits through programs like the AC Designs Comfort Zone Club. This program provides customers with priority service, regular maintenance visits, and exclusive discounts, ensuring that your AC system remains in optimal condition year-round.

Vote AC Designs Best AC Company in Jacksonville, FL

After over 20 years of serving the Jacksonville community, our goal remains the same: to provide First Coast homeowners with the best air conditioning maintenance and service possible. We hope that you’ll consider voting AC Designs as Bold City’s Best Heating and AC Company for 2023!