Why Should You Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance?

A technician holds a meter device next to an outdoor HVAC unit

Are you tired of paying for high utility bills and expensive emergency repairs? Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to save money while improving your home’s air quality and overall safety. Studies show that a dirty and unmaintained unit can rack up an additional 20% in operating costs. Learn more about HVAC maintenance benefits and how you can join our preventative Maintenance Program below.

Maintenance Savings

Don’t spend rainy-day funds on a day with clear skies. When you schedule preventive maintenance, you will extend the life of your unit and your savings account. Prevention is the best way to avoid costly repairs and emergency services.

As your air conditioner operates, it will inevitably incur some general wear and tear. During annual maintenance appointments, our HVAC technicians check for any signs of damage or safety issues. With pre-scheduled appointments, you can alleviate the time and stress accrued from having to remember when your A/C unit is due for maintenance. When your unit is maintained properly, it will run more efficiently and lower your energy bills.

Improved Air Quality and Home Safety

During your preventative maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician will inspect your unit’s air filters and other components that could be causing poor indoor air quality. If your technician notices system performance or safety errors, they can rectify the issue on-site or schedule a follow-up appointment.

Without regular maintenance, homeowners may not know their unit is experiencing any issues. This leads to more costly repair appointments later. It is crucial to be aware of problems as they arise. Some HVAC issues can be dangerous if they are not fixed immediately.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained air conditioning unit consumes less fuel, making it more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Without preventative maintenance, there are many factors that could be affecting your unit’s efficiency. Dirty air filters, dirty condenser coils, inadequate ventilation, and inadequate refrigerant are just a few of these contributing factors.

Your air conditioner’s efficiency will likely suffer if it is in need of service to alleviate issues. As efficiency decreases, you could wind up paying more money for a weaker performance from your air conditioner. During your regular HVAC maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician can identify and solve these issues to improve your unit’s efficiency.

Your HVAC unit needs proper attention and maintenance to stay efficient and keep you comfortable all year long. Did you know AC Designs has a Preferred Customer Maintenance Program? For a low annual fee, members can enjoy pre-scheduled system checks, discounts, lower utility bills, long-lasting equipment, and more! Sign up or schedule an appointment with our NATE-certified HVAC technicians in Jacksonville, FL today.