Myth or Fact: Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

myth or fact: Do air conditioners dehumidify

Learn the Difference Between a Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner

When the air in your home is too humid, you usually just turn down the settings on the air conditioner. But do air conditioners dehumidify effectively? Air conditioning systems help to dehumidify because the refrigeration process naturally gets rid of some of the moisture in the air. 

However, is this all you need to get rid of the moisture in your home that’s often such a drag on your comfort? Is there a better solution? We think there is. Check out our guide to find out more!

Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify? Yes, For a Price

Yes, an air conditioner does dehumidify your home. Condensation forms on a coil within the indoor unit as the AC system runs, as moisture from the air condenses and drips to a drainage system beneath it.

However, it’s certainly not the most cost-effective way to go about dehumidifying. You spend a lot of money to both cool your home and bring down moisture levels to an acceptable level. Even though the temperature is just fine, you have to keep lowering the temperature to feel comfortable, which raises your bills.

Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner

While both dehumidifiers and air conditioners can reduce humidity levels in the home, they do so in different ways. Here’s a simplified breakdown:


Dehumidifiers are designed to pull moisture from the air, while air conditioners focus mainly on cooling. Air conditioners do remove some moisture, but it’s not their main job.

Energy Efficiency

Dehumidifiers are usually more efficient for dehumidifying since that’s what they’re built for. Air conditioners can use more energy since they cool as well as dehumidify.


Dehumidifiers can tackle moisture issues throughout the house, while air conditioners usually target specific rooms.

Installation and Maintenance

Dehumidifiers are generally easier to install and maintain. They can be placed strategically for the best effect. Both need regular cleaning and care.


Dehumidifiers may have a lower initial cost, but consider the overall expenses of operation and maintenance. Depending on your climate and needs, one may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Why Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Are the Best Choice

A dehumidifier will cost you, but it’s a worthy investment. You’ll feel more comfortable without a major increase in your monthly bills for years to come. A dehumidifier works similarly to an air conditioner, collecting condensation as warm humid air blows over it. However, it won’t use as much energy as a central air conditioner does.

Dehumidifier Installation

You will, however, need an expert to install your whole-home dehumidifier. An HVAC specialist can see that it is fitted into place and that it doesn’t interfere with the air conditioner, but rather works with it to keep you comfortable.

AC Designs Dehumidifier Installation

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