How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your Unit

How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your Unit | A/C Designs

To repair or to replace? This is a common question homeowners are faced with when they encounter a problem with their a/c unit. It’s a good idea to be aware of some of the most common telltale signs that your a/c unit needs repair or should be replaced.

When to Replace an AC Unit

No homeowner wants to spend thousands of dollars on a new a/c unit, but there are many situations where this is the most cost-effective and logical decision. If your a/c is encountering problems, obtain a written estimate for the repairs from a qualified technician. From there, consider the cost, as well as the age of your a/c unit in determining whether to replace or repair.

It can be helpful to follow what’s known as the “5,000 rule.” Multiply the cost of the repair by the age (in years) of the unit. If the number is more than 5,000, it’s probably in your best interest to replace the unit completely. For example, if your a/c is 13 years old and you’re quoted $400 for repairs, you’ve broken the 5,000 rule by reaching $5,200 in repair costs.

You may also want to replace an a/c unit rather than repair it if the unit itself is more than 15 years old. More than likely, an a/c unit this old is not functioning very efficiently and will cost you more money in the long run, especially when you factor in increased energy costs. A new unit will also offer updated features that can save money and drastically increase the overall comfort level in your home.

When to Repair an A/C Unit

Sometimes repairing an a/c unit can be the best solution. You should generally repair your a/c unit instead of replace it if your repair costs are minimal and the unit itself isn’t very old. Typically, an a/c unit that is less than 10 years old should be able to be repaired cost effectively (depending on the problem) by an experienced technician. It can also be helpful to use the 5,000 rule when deciding to repair.

If you’re still not sure whether you should replace or repair an a/c unit, consulting with a reputable a/c technician can be a great way to obtain a professional opinion that is given with your best interests in mind. From there, you can enjoy greater confidence in your decision.

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