HVAC Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

HVAC Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Christmastime is one of the most wonderful times of the year — and it is also the time of year when the most energy is used around the home. Heating bills go up as temperatures drop, and that’s compounded by frequent visitors coming through your doors. Here’s a list of tips and tricks to help cut down on energy usage during the holidays.

Essential Tips for Saving Energy This Christmas

It’s good to save money year-round, but at Christmastime in particular, you could use some extra savings in your pocket — and energy savings are a key way to do that. Reduce your energy usage in the following ways:

  • If you’re expecting to be away from home a lot over the holidays, there’s no need to let your heating and cooling system keep your home at the ideal temperature when you’re not home. Invest in a wifi-enabled thermostat to remotely control temperature, set your heating lower before you leave, or turn off the air conditioning to save.
  • Holidays mean lots of people coming and going through your doors — and sometimes those doors are left hanging open, which lets warm or cold air out. Save your AC unit some trouble by making sure that doors are closed when people aren’t using them.
  • Many people make Christmas meals to celebrate the holidays, but perhaps you’ve never noticed the indoor temperature going up just a notch while your oven is running. That’s right, cooking with your oven is a good and frugal way to help heat up your home using the heat generated by the machine. You can cut down on your power bill and have a hot home-cooked meal at the same time.
  • Enroll in an HVAC maintenance program so that technicians can monitor your heating and cooling equipment. Routine maintenance lowers utility bills and prevents problems before they can become costly.
  • Don’t just keep the power on. Be it whether you’re leaving a room or the house, remember to turn off unused applications and lights. That goes for power strips too, as they can still hog energy even if you don’t notice them easily. Turning the power off whenever you can is not only good for the environment but also your power bill.
  • Go for energy-efficient Christmas lights. Choose LED ones over traditional light bulbs or other sorts of fancy electronic decorations that eat a lot of wattage.

Contact A/C Designs to Help You Save 

There are other ways you can save, too, such as zoned heating and cooling systems that allow you to use less energy in areas of the home that you aren’t actively using. If you’re looking for services concerning air conditioning in Jacksonville, Florida, contact A/C Designs and let us help you figure out ways that you can get those energy bills lower.