Humidity and Your A/C System

Humidity and Your A/C System

There are many factors that affect the quality of the air you and your family breathe in your home – especially in Jacksonville. One of the most common problems with indoor air quality in this area is excessively humid air.
Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the seriousness of this problem, dismissing it as a minor nuisance or perpetually putting off measures to take care of it. Learn more about humidity and your a/c system.

How High Humidity Affects Your A/C

A few common signs of high indoor humidity include:

  • Development of water stains on your walls or carpeting
  • Foggy windows
  • Heavy and stuffy air
  • Mold
  • Musty odor

Because warm air retains more moisture than cool air, your a/c has to put more effort into making sure the air is cool and comfy for you. That puts additional strain on the system. Particularly if your a/c is an outdated model, the wrong size, or doesn’t have the right cooling capacity—then it may struggle to get the job done. Because the system is working at a higher than usual load, this causes more wear and tear on your a/c resulting in higher utility and maintenance expenditures.

As heavier, moist air can carry more residues of dirt and debris, regular cleaning and exchanging intake filters can help your a/c run more smoothly and efficiently—and prolong its lifespan.

Dehumidifiers Ease the Strain on Your A/C

Air conditioners remove humidity from the air, but when humidity becomes extreme, this places strain on your a/c. A whole-home dehumidifier is the best option to remove the excess humidity from your home. Pulling excess water from the air, the device works in tandem with your a/c system, ensuring that the air is dry enough to be comfortable before it is sent through the air ducts in your home. In addition, a dehumidifier is quite simple to use, allowing you to control the level of indoor humidity with much more ease than fiddling climate control and windows.
If you can’t install a dehumidifier in your a/c system, then you can purchase a stand-alone dehumidifier and operate it manually before looking for other methods to reduce humidity.

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