How Do HVAC System Controls Save Me Money?

ac designs team

Controlling the amount of cooling in your home or, if you are business owner, in your workplace, is very important to your bottom line. As cooling technology has advanced, thermostats and other control systems have also advanced, allowing for far better control over heating and cooling than ever before. Having system controls in Orange Park can offer you multiple benefits, but to ensure you gain these benefits, it’s important to have professional installation. AC Designs Inc., specializes in system control installation and repair, and we can help you find a control system that is right for you.

Types of System Controls

There are different control systems for residential and commercial properties. First we’ll take a look at the residential types.

Common Residential Controls

There are several choices when it comes to residential controls for your air conditioning system:

Digital thermostats help with energy efficiency because they are precise and have more intuitive buttons, making them easier to use. Programmable thermostats take things a level higher by allowing you to program your cooling (and heating) in 7-day increments; you can loop a 7-day program, or change it as needed. Programming allows you to cool (and heat) only when needed, so for times when your home is unoccupied, you aren’t cooling an empty house. Smart thermostats allow you to program, but you can access your system remotely from virtually anywhere, at any time, with a smart device. Lastly, s zone control system allows you to separate different areas of your home into “zones” that cool and heat independently of one another. This gives you the highest level of control over the amount of cooling you want, as well as differing temperatures if needed.

Commercial Control

One of the best ways to control commercial air conditioning and heating costs is with an energy management system (EMS). An EMS allows you to find the best time of day to initiate cooling and helps your entire building maintain its temperature. You can also track energy usage through an EMS, which can help you create cooling and heating plans to reduce your overall use of energy. EMS’s are programmable, and some can tie into other systems of your building, including fire safety, giving you a central point of control over your building’s interior operations.

Gaining better control over your energy usage is good for you, your budget, your property and the environment. If you are interested in finding out how system controls in Orange Park can help you, call AC Designs Inc., and schedule an appointment today.