Cleaning the Coil Means as Much as Changing the Filter

ac designs team

Have you been told how important it is to change the filter of your air conditioner once a year? Doing so helps with more than you might think. While many people assume that this recommendation is just for their health (to keep particles out of the air you breathe), it’s actually largely for the good of your air conditioner. A dirty air filter blocks airflow to the unit, causing:

  • High temperatures,
  • High monthly bills, and
  • Frequent repair needs.

While you might have heard before that it’s important to change the filter once a month, what you may not know is that it’s just as vital that you clean the outside coil of your air conditioning system.

Why a Clean Coil Matters

The outside of your air conditioning system, as you’ve likely noticed, is very exposed to the elements. Dust flying around in the air can coat the coil, and this causes a few issues for the way your air conditioner works.

Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air inside of your home, and then it releases that heat outdoors as it goes through the condenser coil. But when the coil is too dirty, it’s difficult to have that heat release properly. This is the way your home cools down, so a dirty coil is extremely problematic. It too can lead to efficiency issues, high temperatures, a frozen coil, and much more.

Call in Technicians to Do It Right

While you may be able to clean a coil on your own, it’s a better idea to call someone in. If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, you should always call in a technician to make sure that none of the other components of your AC system have been affected. And an air conditioning technician can also help you to take preventative action during an AC maintenance visit early in the season.

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