Choosing Between Gas and Electric Furnaces for Heating

ac designs team

Jacksonville, FL residents have a lot of different options when it comes to heating their homes. Our mild winters and variety of housing types mean that homeowners can choose a system that works best for their budget and circumstances. Gas and electric furnaces rank among the most popular choices for homeowners in our area. If you’re looking to install a new system, choosing between gas and electric furnaces for heating is one of your first and most important choices.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each one:

In terms of cost, you’re looking at a question of up-front investment vs. long-term savings. Electric furnaces usually cost less to install than gas furnaces, and often last longer to boot (sometimes as many as 10 to 15 years longer depending on how well you maintain it and other conditions particular to your home). On the other hand, natural gas costs less than electricity, which means that a gas furnace will save you money month to month over an electric furnace used for the same period of time. Because they have fewer moving parts, electric furnaces tend to break down less frequently than gas furnaces, necessitating fewer repairs.

Then there’s issues of performance and overall comfort. Gas furnaces work faster than electric furnaces do: heating your home more quickly and effectively. They tend to be noisier than electric units, however. Electric furnaces tend to be quieter and they also don’t have any of the potential safety concerns that some people might have about gas furnaces.

All of that is a roundabout way to saying that both systems offer their share of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between gas and electric furnaces for heating in Jacksonville, FL means weighing the pros and cons of each one against your particular circumstances. At AC Designs Inc. we can provide sound advice on the best type of furnace for you, as well as providing top-notch installation and repair services once you’ve made a decision. When it comes to heating, Jacksonville FL residents can count on us. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!