Celebrate HVAC Tech Day

HVAC technician stands by an AC Designs van

Since 2003, AC Designs has kept our Northeast Florida neighbors in their comfort zone with premier air conditioning and heating services. This is only possible thanks to our amazing team of experienced HVAC technicians. Join us in celebrating National HVAC Tech Day on June 22nd by thanking one of your favorite technicians and learning more about our dedicated team.

Why We Celebrate HVAC Tech Day

The Florida heat is a constant reminder of how important the invention of air conditioning was. Central heating and air conditioning were invented in the 1900s, but incredible advancements have been made in the decades since to improve home comfort. 

In 2016, National HVAC Tech Day was founded in an effort to recognize the crucial work of HVAC technicians. Without their expertise and dedication in our industry, our comfort zones would be compromised. 

When an AC Designs technician visits your home for a service call, you can count on them to improve your system’s performance and provide you with great advice to keep your system running smoothly. Do you have a technician you’d like to celebrate today? Here are a couple of ways to show your appreciation:

  • Send your technician a “thank you” message
  • Leave a positive review for your favorite technician
  • Share a picture on social media with the hashtag #NationalHVACTechDay and tag AC Designs
  • Recommend your favorite technician to friends and family

Comfort Superstars 

You’re always in good hands when you book an appointment with a technician at AC Designs. We pride ourselves on working with the best NATE-certified technicians who have the skills, training, and experience necessary to keep you in your comfort zone. Learn more about a few of our comfort superstars.

Jacob Barbary


Jacob Barbary 

Get to know Jacob Barbary, one of our talented HVAC Technicians. For nearly two years, Jacob has worked diligently to ensure our customer’s HVAC units are running smoothly. Jacob stays in his Comfort Zone by spending time with his children. We appreciate your hard work, Jacob!



Have you had a service appointment with Jacob? Leave him a kind review here


Keuntay Goodman


Keuntay Goodman

Meet Keuntay Goodman, an HVAC Technician at AC Designs. For the past five months, Keuntay has enjoyed providing our customers with expert AC services. One of his favorite parts about working for AC Designs is meeting new people. When our customers are happy, Keuntay is happy. Keuntay stays in his Comfort Zone by playing video games. Thank you for your hard work, Keuntay! 


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Robert Carter


Robert Carter

Robert Carter is a Senior Maintenance Technician at AC Designs. Robert has provided our customers with great maintenance experiences for the past two and a half years. He loves educating our customers on the best ways to care for their units. During his free time, Robert stays in his Comfort Zone by playing chess and taking nature walks. Thank you for your hard work, Robert!



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