Can You Maintain Your Air Conditioner on Your Own?

ac designs team

Air conditioning maintenance is a valuable service that can improve the state of your air conditioner, reducing the chances of repairs, giving your system better efficiency, and potentially increasing its lifespan, especially if you schedule this service once a year. And air conditioning maintenance comes at a relatively low price, especially if you consider all of the benefits year after year.

However, lots of our more frugal customers often ask: “Is there something I can do on my own?” We’ll take a look at what you should do on your own—and why some things are better left to professionals—here.

Changing the Air Filter and Other Maintenance Tasks

One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioner on your own is to change the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, it can cause more issues than you might expect. The air conditioner will have trouble operating due to a lack of airflow coming into the system. These airflow restrictions can force the system to overwork and shut down.

In addition, you should see that the outside portion of the AC stays clean, and if you happen to see debris or objects close to the system, then pick them up. However, most tasks are better fit for an expert.

Your Air Conditioner Needs Professional Service

No matter how well you take care of your air conditioner, there could still be some hidden problems you’re unaware of. We still recommend scheduling annual maintenance visits on top of your monthly filter changes and routine tasks because only professionals know what exactly to look for. They can even provide some adjustments and clean off the system to make it run in even better condition.

Saving Money on AC Maintenance

Joining an annual maintenance plan could help you to save money on annual AC and heating services with reduced annual fees and/or additional benefits to members. Ask your local technicians about their maintenance plans and any discounts and specials available for tune-ups.

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