Are Your Pets Harming Your Home’s Air Quality?

Are Your Pets Harming Your Home’s Air Quality?

Pet lovers definitely have something to smile about—studies show that caring for a pet (especially a dog) can improve your health, reduce your risk of depression, help you get better sleep, and even extend your lifespan. Unfortunately, there are some not-so-lovely aspects of owning a beloved pet, including the effect they can have on your home’s air quality. Learn more about how pets impact indoor air quality and a few ways you can purify the air you and your pets breathe.

Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality

There are a couple of ways that pets can, directly and indirectly, negatively impact a home’s indoor air quality.

The first is the dander, skin mites, and other microscopic particles that are released whenever your pet scratches themselves, gives a full-body shake, or just walks through the room. Although dander and similar byproducts can’t be seen by the naked eye, these particles can cause sneezing, sniffling, and even result in hives for sensitive individuals.

Over time, these particles tend to settle into soft surfaces like chair cushions, couches, carpets, and curtains and can become quite hard to remove completely. Even for those who aren’t allergic to pet dander, exposure to a large amount of dander build up can cause respiratory issues.

A second way in which pets can negatively impact a home’s air quality comes not from the pets themselves, but from the deodorizers many homeowners use to mask pet odors. From plug-in diffusers to room and fabric sprays, air fresheners are all the rage—but many of these fresheners contain harsh, unhealthy chemicals that aren’t good for humans or pets.

Purify Your Home’s Air

Fortunately for pet owners, there are a number of different non-chemical ways to clean and freshen your home’s air. From standalone HEPA air filters to filtration systems that are incorporated into your home’s central air conditioning system, these filters can remove both visible and invisible particles and provide you with a constant source of clean, pure, fresh-smelling air.

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