A/C Designs Gives Back

2020 introduced the world to new challenges, but the year also inspired hope and compassion. With this newfound inspiration, we decided to do some charitable good for our friends in the Jacksonville community. What started off as a small idea to help one family in need grew into a merry tradition.

After asking our community to nominate loved ones in need of a new a/c unit, we received an overwhelming response. At this point, it became impossible for our team to choose just one deserving family to help. That’s why our team at AC Designs decided to wrap up the year by giving away three brand new a/c units to local families in need. 

my dad is the most selfless person i know quote

A polaroid photo of Jeffrey standing with a loved oneMeet our first winner: Jeffrey. Jeffrey was nominated by his loving daughter, Kandace. He is a retired disabled police officer who has fallen on hard times. When we asked Kandace why she thought he deserved a new a/c unit, she didn’t know where to begin.  “My dad is the most selfless person I know. He cares for my sick grandmother 24/7 and takes care of all of his neighbors. He is extremely handy and helps out his community as much as he can without asking for anything in return. He’s my hero.”

A photo of Ramona and her children

Our second winner, Ramona, is a single mother of 2 who is currently pursuing a masters degree in nonprofit management. Her oldest child was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease shortly after Ramona purchased her dream home in 2011. Ever since then, she has been funding hospital visits and trying to care for her family. Earlier this year, Ramona had almost saved enough to purchase a new a/c unit—but then, COVID hit and she needed the money to provide for other household necessities.

Ramona volunteers throughout Jacksonville, advocating for the arts in our community. She hopes to one day lead a non-profit organization of her own—continuing her advocacy work.

Donna gives so much of herself to others quote

A portrait of Donna and her family in front of a Christmas tree

Donna was our final winner. She was nominated by her coworker Elizabeth. Donna is a devoted mother, foster parent, and a healthcare hero. When asked why she nominated Donna, Elizabeth had an abundance of kind words to share. “Donna gives so much of herself to others. It would be nice to help her so she can continue to take care of others.”

Giving Back, Now and Later

A/C Designs is committed to serving the community, not just through our services, but also through our charitable contributions. We are thrilled to partner with HVAC manufacturers and local organizations to pay it forward this holiday season. We plan to make a difference in the lives of our community members for many years to come.