5 Reasons to Join an AC Maintenance Program

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Nothing is more miserable than losing your AC when you need it most — besides the repair bill that comes with fixing it. Unfortunately, our extreme Florida weather is hard on AC units, which can lead to frequent breakdowns and high emergency air conditioning repair costs. 

That’s why we created AC Design’s Comfort Zone Club to help you prevent the frustration that comes along with AC troubles and keep your home cool, no matter the season. Plus, our AC maintenance program will keep your energy bills manageable and maintain healthy indoor air quality. Whatever your AC needs, AC Designs is the AC company in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida you can trust.

Priority Scheduling & Replacement

Quick and efficient service is crucial, especially in Florida’s hot weather. Joining our AC maintenance program ensures you’re at the forefront for service and HVAC maintenance, avoiding long waits for parts when your unit malfunctions.

Preventive Maintenance Advantage

Rather than waiting for a breakdown during peak summer demand, our preferred maintenance members enjoy priority scheduling. This means you won’t be left without heating or cooling while others wait in line, ensuring your comfort all year round.

After-Hour Emergency Service

Your comfort is our top priority at AC Designs. As a member of the Comfort Zone Club, you benefit from after-hour emergency services, ensuring your needs are met promptly. Plus, our technicians will work around your busy schedule at times that work best for you. 

AC Maintenance Program Discounts 

Joining our AC maintenance program will not only save you money by preventing future repairs, you’ll also have access to special discounts and rates. AC Design’s Comfort Zone Club offers 50% off regular diagnostic fees and a 20% discount on repairs so you won’t have to worry about unexpected high repair bills or unit breakdowns. 

Improved Reliability

When your unit receives consistent routine maintenance, you’ll deal with fewer emergency air conditioning repairs, improved capacity, and an overall extended lifetime for your unit. Our AC maintenance program offers two pre-scheduled system checks per year for members to prevent costly issues from going unnoticed.

Regular Maintenance 

Seasonal tune-ups, particularly after the winter months, are crucial to prevent major issues and boost energy efficiency. Our skilled technicians clear your unit of dust and debris during these check-ins, extending your system’s lifespan and preventing it from overworking and increasing your energy bill.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

When your AC quits unexpectedly, our emergency air conditioning repair team is here to quickly address the issue. Trust our expert technicians to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, ensuring your home remains cool and comfortable, even in the hottest Florida weather.

Common Air Conditioning FAQs

How long do AC units last in Florida, and how can I extend the lifetime of my system?

AC units in Florida generally last around 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Regular servicing and cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your unit in our challenging Florida climate.

Why is my brand-new AC unit freezing up?

If your new AC unit is freezing up, it could be due to issues with refrigerant levels or airflow. Contact your installer to diagnose and resolve the problem and avoid potential long-term damage.

Can you provide guidance on how to unfreeze my AC unit? How can I prevent it from happening again?

To unfreeze your AC unit, turn it off and let the fan run. Check for clogged filters and ensure proper airflow. Regular maintenance, including filter checks, helps prevent future freezing issues.

How quickly can I get emergency air conditioning repair service after a sudden unit breakdown?

At AC Designs, your comfort is our number one concern. Members of our Comfort Zone Club receive priority scheduling, priority replacement on parts and units, and after-hours emergency service.

Sign Up for AC Designs Maintenance

Joining an AC maintenance program will save you money, time, and frustration in the long run. Contact the experts at AC Designs to sign up for our Comfort Zone Club today. We’re a top AC company in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida with all of the support you need to keep your home comfortable year-round.