2023 Changes to SEER Ratings

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Air conditioner efficiency ratings are changing in 2023. As of January 1st, 2023, all SEER ratings will be replaced with SEER2 ratings. These new regulations will vary by region and positively impact the environment due to their enhanced efficiency. 

Moving to SEER2 ratings will change many things regarding energy consumption, utility bills, replacement part availability and more. At AC Designs, we’re here to teach you everything you need to know about upcoming SEER rating changes. That way you can make informed decisions when purchasing a new unit for your home. 

What Are SEER Ratings? 

Your unit’s SEER rating measures its seasonal energy efficiency ratio. In most cases, the number can be found on your unit’s yellow energy guide sticker. 

It is calculated by dividing your home’s annual cooling output during the cooling season by the total electric energy input. Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings often use less energy to cool your home effectively, which results in lower monthly utility bills. 

The standard minimum SEER rating for air conditioners is currently 13, and most modern units fall between 13 and 21. In 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy will raise the minimum efficiency requirements for central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps.

New Changes to SEER Ratings

SEER2 is an updated method of measuring your unit’s efficiency that uses a different testing procedure. The updated rating can be calculated by dividing the cooling output by the total electric energy input of your unit. 

Beginning in 2023, the minimum SEER rating will increase by different amounts based on the region in the United States. SEER2 ratings are based on your unit’s number of British Thermal Units (BTU). BTU is a measurement of your unit’s cooling power and can be determined by an AC professional. 

In Southeastern states like Florida, the minimum SEER rating will increase from 14 to 15 for AC units with a cooling output below 45,000 BTU. Units with 45,000 BTU or higher cooling capacity will have a minimum of 14.5 SEER rating in 2023. This increase in efficiency will allow homeowners to use less electricity for the same amount of cooling.

While greater AC efficiency will have its benefits, these changes could result in price increases on new units as homeowners go to make a replacement. It also means that individuals with older units could find it more difficult to replace parts on older, outdated systems. 

Benefits of Purchasing a New AC Unit in 2023

With improvements to new unit efficiency in the new year, it’s a great time for homeowners to invest in a new unit. Investing in a new unit can improve the air quality within your home and lower your utility bills as efficiency increases. 

Overall, a new unit with a higher SEER2 rating will reduce your energy consumption. In addition to environmental benefits, upgrading the latest technology will decrease your risk of breakdowns or costly air conditioning maintenance. 

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