Will a Tune-Up Fix My Air Conditioner?

ac designs team

You’re frustrated by the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. It hasn’t broken down completely, however, so you might hope that you only need a quick tune-up for your air conditioner to get everything back in order.

However, it’s important to know that a tune-up, as offered by many local air conditioning companies, probably isn’t the right service for you when you have noticeable performance issues with your AC.

What’s a Tune-Up

A tune-up is a process that you should have completed once a year in order to improve the state of your AC system and prevent repairs. It includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the unit.
  • A cleanup of some components (like the outdoor coil).
  • An adjustment of some of the major parts.

This process is preventative, meaning that it can help to identify and prevent issues, but not to correct problems already in your AC system. If there is something wrong with the air conditioner, the technician will most likely need to reschedule the repair for a later date when there’s more time available.

Schedule the Right Service

Schedule an air conditioning tune-up early in the warmer months. We recommend early spring, though in our area it’s typically a good idea to have two tune-ups a year—with all of the extra strain on your system. If there is a problem with your air conditioner, you will know about it so that you can schedule service before it breaks down in the middle of a hot day.

But when you notice problems with your air conditioning system, make sure you call in for an AC repair ASAP. This includes smaller problems like weird noises and changing temperatures in addition to larger issues. It’s better to have and pay for the right service the first time around.

Give AC Designs Inc. a call for your next air conditioning repair, replacement, or when you need a quick tune-up for your air conditioner in Jacksonville, FL. We will deliver above your expectations!