Why You Might Need to Add Indoor Air Quality Equipment to Your Home

ac designs team

Even if you do your best to change your filter each and every month, your home might still be full of particles that make you and your family members sick. This doesn’t mean you should neglect this important monthly task. Keeping the filter dirty blocks airflow to your system and makes it difficult for the home to stay cool—and it can lead to all sorts of repairs.

But you may need to upgrade your HVAC system to include indoor air quality equipment that keeps your home’s air clean and healthy. We can offer some recommendations to help resolve your biggest air quality problems.


One of the biggest concerns for the air in your home is germs. Some bacteria and viruses may get left behind in your filter, but the smallest ones are likely to get through. Besides, germs multiply, which means that more bacteria and viruses are sure to build up on the filter and get through to your duct system.

Install a UV germicidal light system with the help of a qualified technician if you want to get rid of bacteria and germs moving through the ducts. We also recommend duct cleaning if you have chronic issues with the quality of the air in your home.


When certain allergens like pollen and dust mites are in the air, anyone in the home with allergies or asthma suffers. Your local technicians can help you pick out a strong filter, but if it’s too strong for your home, you might have a problematic airflow blockage. Instead, whole-home air cleaning equipment might be a better choice. If seasonal allergies are  out of control, a heating and AC contractor can help!

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