Why Should You Enroll in a Maintenance Program?

ac designs team

Have you ever noticed that an air conditioning system tends to perform a little bit less than satisfactorily as time goes on? Are you tired of dealing with sudden repairs on the hottest days? Do you notice a major increase to your energy bills each year? We have a solution that can ease some of the problems you notice as your air conditioner ages: regular AC maintenance.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance is a process by which a technician takes a look at your air conditioner and examines the equipment before doing any cleaning or making some key adjustments. If there is anything wrong with your air conditioner, your technician will tell you, and you can schedule repairs soon rather than waiting for the system to fail on a hot summer day. Cleaning and adjusting parts helps the AC to run smoothly for the rest of the season and reduces the need for future repairs.

What Are the Benefits of a Maintenance Program?

A maintenance program makes it so that you do not have to remember to make the call each year, since you’ll be on a schedule to keep your unit in top shape. Most maintenance agreements include many additional benefits.

  • Improved Performance – Right after a maintenance visit, you may notice that your air conditioner cools down your home quickly, and that it rarely runs into trouble through the summer.
  • Lower Bills Air conditioning maintenance puts all the parts into top shape so that they have to use less energy to function. This decreases your energy bills and the amount you’ll have to pay for repairs.
  • Extended Equipment Life – Sticking to a maintenance schedule can help to keep your air conditioning equipment around for longer.
  • Additional Savings – Many maintenance programs include incentives for joining such as reduced costs for any repairs you may need.
  • Priority Service – Those enrolled in maintenance agreements receive priority service for any repairs or replacement.

We offer these benefits and more from the Preferred Customer Agreement at AC Designs Inc. Just call us to schedule maintenance today and ask about our maintenance program available to residents in the Jacksonville area.