Why Refrigerant Loss in Your Commercial HVAC Requires Repair Service

ac designs team

You may know that an air conditioner runs using refrigerant. Refrigerant cycles through the entire system in order to remove heat from the inside air. And your commercial HVAC system must maintain a set level of refrigerant in order to properly do its job. Without the right level of refrigerant, your HVAC system can suffer a lot of damage and may even need replacement in some severe cases.

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The fact is that air conditioners are simply not meant to lose refrigerant. Refrigerant does not dissipate from the system naturally, nor is it meant to occasionally be let out. Refrigerant is a chemical blend used in air conditioning because of its ability to easily convert from liquid to gas state, evaporating easily into a gas but never evaporating into the air, unless there is a problem with the refrigerant line or another component of your system.

Refrigerant can leak from the refrigerant line, out of the compressor, or through loose connections and fittings. And when it does, your unit does not have enough refrigerant to do its job. When your commercial unit was installed, professionals had to make some careful calculations to make sure that they measured out refrigerant to exactly the right charge. Without the proper charge, an air conditioner can suffer in a few different ways.

For one thing, a lack of refrigerant will likely mean reduced cooling power. Refrigerant moves to the indoor evaporator coil to absorb heat and then to the outside condensing coil to release it. Without the right amount of refrigerant, it cannot pull enough heat from a large commercial space, and it will take longer for the system to cool your business.

Furthermore, leaks could lead to a frozen coil or trouble with the compressor. The indoor coil may freeze as a result of low refrigerant because there is not enough thermal energy to moderate the temperature of the coil. And too little refrigerant may also have an effect on the compressor, one of the most important parts of the system. This part adds pressure to the refrigerant as well as heat so that heat can dissipate at the condenser coil and so that the refrigerant cycle can continue. However, it needs a very specific amount to work, and may struggle or fail without it.

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