Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing?

ac designs team

While your air conditioning system can make you feel like you live in an area with a colder climate, the system itself is never supposed to freeze. If you take a look at your air conditioner this summer only to find that the system is icing over, it’s definitely something to be concerned about. In this guide, we’ve detailed the reasons for this issue so that you can take preventive steps and seek the proper professional services for repair.

Reasons for a Frozen Coil

  • Refrigerant Leak: Refrigerant is never meant to leave your AC system, and when it does it can cause a lot of issues for your AC. The system becomes unable to cool your home completely, and problems like a frozen coil may result. You need a professional who will not only recharge the refrigerant, but also seal all of the leaks.
  • Broken Fan: If there is an issue with the AC’s fan motor or the blades of the fan itself, the system cannot draw in the right amount of warm air from the home it needs in order to operate properly. Without the proper airflow, the temperature of the inside coil is not regulated, and this leads to freezing.
  • Dirty Filter: Another potential for airflow issues occurs when the filter becomes too dirty. This keeps air from moving into the AC system, which is one of the reasons you must change your filter every one to three months.

What Can You Do? Let Someone Else Handle It!

We strongly recommend against attempting any repairs on your own. While the problem may be a dirty filter, It is best to have a Professional HVAC technician checking out the issue to be sure. You can schedule maintenance each year to prevent a frozen coil from forming in the first place. And one final warning: do not attempt to scrape ice off the coil yourself. This can damage the surface of the coil and reduce its ability to allow refrigerant to absorb heat.

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