Why is My A/C Unit Not Cooling?

Why is My A/C Unit Not Cooling?

If there was ever a region where a well-functioning air conditioning unit is vital to survival and comfort, it’s Jacksonville, Florida. While many people flock to the city because of its bountiful sunshine, having access to the cool relaxation of an A/C unit makes the worst of the heat more bearable. If your air conditioning unit is on and running — but not cooling your home or business — it could be due to one of these reasons.  

1. Faulty or Broken Condenser

The purpose of your A/C unit’s condenser is to house the fan motor. If it’s faulty or broken, then the heat from your home or businesses can’t be properly dissipated. This, in turn, means that the structure never becomes cool.

2. Low Refrigerant Charge or Refrigerant Leak

Your A/C unit’s refrigerant is a vital aspect of its cooling function. It absorbs the excess heat inside before releasing it outdoors. If the refrigerant is low, it means that you may have a leak. Other signs include a bubbling or hissing noise and a build-up of ice on the outside unit and the refrigerant line.

3. Dirty Air Filter

Regardless of what the manufacturer states on the air filters you purchase, you should replace them once per month. A dirty air filter makes it difficult for the A/C unit to circulate enough of the cooled air inside your home or business, which makes it hard to lower the inside temperature.

A dirty air filter can also restrict the flow of air so much that the evaporator coil freezes completely.

4. Dirty Outside Unit

The concept behind the functioning of an A/C unit is actually pretty simple. The evaporator, or inside the unit, absorbs the heat from indoors. This hot air is then transferred to the condenser which is the unit outside. The condenser can’t effectively do its job if it’s blocked with leaves, twigs and other debris, or if it’s dirty. A quick monthly inspection can help prevent your outside unit from getting too dirty or blocked completely.

Any cooling issues you’re experiencing with your commercial or residential A/C unit need the attention of a professional and experienced team that offers specialized services. A/C Designs has been proudly servicing Jacksonville with air conditioning solutions including maintenance, repair, installation and more. If you are concerned your HVAC system isn’t cooling like it should contact us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection.