When the Heat Pump Won’t Switch Back into Cooling Mode

ac designs team

If you own a heat pump in Daytona Beach, you have one of the most efficient systems available in our area. We don’t use heaters too often, nor do we usually leave ours on for very long when we do need heat. This is why it makes sense to have an air conditioning and heating system in one: a highly efficient heat pump. So if your air conditioner will not go back into cooling mode after keeping it in heating mode for a while, you need service fast. Trust this repair to the technicians at AC Designs Inc, and read more about this issue here.

When the heat pump is in heating mode, refrigerant circulates through the inside and outside portions of your system, absorbing heat from the air outside and moving it indoors. When it has to switch back into cooling mode, a reversing valve activates to help refrigerant flow in the opposite direction. Check valves help the refrigerant to avoid some of the parts it must pass through in heating mode and vice versa in cooling mode.

There are three main components that may be responsible when your unit won’t shift over into cooling mode or into heating mode. The reversing valve is the component responsible for allowing the refrigerant in the heat pump to reverse into heating mode and back into cooling mode again. When you switch the unit into a different mode, a sliding cylinder kicks in and changes the flow of refrigerant. This part may be primarily responsible when it cannot switch back, or it may be due to a problem with one of the check valves.

It is possible, however, that your heat pump will not turn on simply because there is an issue with the thermostat. Faulty thermostat wiring or problems with the programming may be responsible. Check with a technician once you’re certain that all of the correct settings are in place.

Call AC Designs Inc. to schedule repairs for your heat pump in Daytona Beach. Our specialists have experience specifically in the area of heat pump repair, so we’re the company to call for any of your AC and heating needs.