When Is It Time to Get a Second Opinion about AC Repair?

ac designs team

The larger systems in your home—like your air conditioner and heater—require a high level of expertise to service and install, which is why you trust professionals to take care of them for you. But what if your air conditioning technician doesn’t seem to be selling you the services you need? How can you tell that you need a second opinion?

At AC Designs Inc., we think that you should call for a second opinion any time you suspect that a job may be easier or less expensive than your technician is making it out to be. We’ve found that a lot of our clients end up finding out they can save money when they call us in to give the system another look. That’s why we’ve put together this list to show when it may be time to call in another local technician for backup.

  • When the repair cost seems unusually high. We strongly recommend that you double-check competitor’s prices if the cost of a repair seems too high to believe. You can always search online for parts pricing (but factor in the additional cost of service), or call around for more information.
  • When the repair cost seems too low. Although an unusually low cost of repair may seem ideal, your technician may have only found a temporary solution that will fail you again in the near future.
  • When your technician has to return again and again to fix a single problem. You might want to be wary of a technician who insists on making multiple visits to repair a single issue (and charging you for each one!).
  • If the technician suggests “topping off” the refrigerant. “Topping off” the refrigerant is s a practice that most technicians avoid, since low refrigerant usually indicates that there are leaks in need of sealing.

Call AC Designs Inc. for a second opinion on your air conditioning repair needs in Jacksonville, FL. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we offer competitive pricing. Call us today!