What Makes a Heat Pump the Perfect Comfort System for Your Home?

ac designs team

A heat pump is a whole-home comfort system, and the name may be a bit misleading. It’s not just for heating. In fact, a heat pump is an air conditioner first and foremost. While it also heats a home, it uses refrigeration to do so, a process used in most standard central air conditioning systems.

How It Works

Typically, an air conditioner transfers heat with the help of refrigerant. You cannot really “produce” cool air. To cool down the air, a system has to remove heat first. Refrigerant can absorb heat somewhat easily when it evaporates at the indoor coil in your AC system. Then, it transfers heat to the outdoor cabinet, where heat dissipates into the air at the outside coil as refrigerant inside condenses again.

A heat pump works in the exact same way, when it’s set to cooling mode. The only design change is a series of valves that helps refrigerant to change direction. In “heating” mode, refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air (even when it’s chilly outside) and releases that heat inside of your home.

What Makes a Heat Pump So Efficient

A heat pump is typically highly efficient for both heating and cooling, as long as it is properly sized and installed by professional HVAC technicians. Most heating systems have to generate heat, a process which uses a lot of energy. If you have an electric heating system, heating the home can be quite costly—unless it’s a heat pump.

Efficiency ratings match those of high-efficiency air conditioners and you may notice a drop in heating costs as well.

One of the Best Systems for Florida Residents

We don’t really need a separate heating and air conditioning system here due to the frequency with which we really need the heater. It makes sense to have a single system tackle both tasks. That means easier maintenance for you and your technicians, high efficiency, and only one system to repair or replace.

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