Ways to Stay Cool and Save Money During the Summer

Ways to Stay Cool and Save Money During the Summer

The heat and humidity in the Jacksonville area during summer can easily lead to skyrocketing energy bills. While you need to run your air conditioning in order to keep your home comfortable, you might not need to worry about high cooling bills. Keep the following tips in mind to help you save money and reduce energy usage while still having a cool home interior throughout the summer months.

Increase Your Thermostat Setting

Raising the setting on your thermostat helps lower the amount of energy your household uses for cooling, which results in lower energy bills. How much you should raise it depends on your personal comfort and other factors, such as when you’re at home or away from home. Changing the setting even by a few degrees can help you save considerable money each month on cooling your home.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your air conditioner has to run enough to keep your home comfortable, but a dirty air filter can make it run for longer periods of time. Air filters gather dust, pet dander, and other kinds of debris to keep it from blowing around your home when your HVAC system is on. These filters eventually get covered with debris, which makes it harder for your HVAC system to efficiently cool your home. Remember to replace your air filter every couple of months or even once a month if you have pets at home.

Schedule Maintenance

You might not realize how much more efficiently your system could be running with regular maintenance. Routine maintenance is important for keeping your air conditioner in excellent condition. Having these routine maintenance visits done once or twice a year can go a long way toward helping you save on the cost of cooling your home.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Weeds and other vegetation can block airflow from your HVAC’s outdoor unit. This causes your system to work much harder than it needs to during summer. Making sure that the outdoor unit has a minimum of 2 feet of clear space on each side helps ensure that your system runs efficiently.

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