Upgrading Your Air Conditioner? Consider a Variable Speed Heat Pump

ac designs team

Are you ready to replace your aging air conditioning system? Not all new units are built alike. We’ve got a suggestion for you that could save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year: a variable speed or two-speed heat pump. Learn more about this energy-efficient air conditioning and heating system here.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a system that pumps heat from place to place. This is exactly what the standard air conditioning system does. Refrigerant moves around the unit, taking heat away from the air in your home and moving it outdoors. But a heat pump has a few additional valves in place that give it the ability to move heat indoors too. So if temperatures fall to uncomfortable levels, your heat pump will still be able to absorb thermal energy from the outside air and move it into your home.

A heat pump has an indoor blower and outdoor compressor, just like a standard AC, and it will be installed much like a conventional system. Heat pumps are highly efficient because they move heat around rather than generating heat. And in a climate like Florida’s, it makes sense to have an AC and heater in one rather than a dedicated heating system.

Why Choose a System with Variable Speed Settings?

If you choose a system with variable speed settings, you can get even greater efficiency from your heat pump system. With variable speed settings, you can choose whether you want the system to powerfully push the air into your home, or you can decide to keep the fans turning at a low setting to save some energy.

An expert technician should always be involved with the final decision about your new system. Contact our team to help you decide on a new unit, and to schedule installation for your system in Jacksonville, FL. Give AC Designs Inc. a call, and we will deliver above your expectations!