The Capacitors and Air Conditioning Repair

ac designs team

Spring is here, and that means air conditioning season can’t be too far behind. That’s a significant concern here in Florida, where a functioning air conditioner may be the only thing between a comfortable home and unbearable one.  A little knowledge about common AC problems can help you know when to call for repair, so you can get air conditioning repair service in Jacksonville as soon as possible. The capacitors, in particular, are a common cause of breakdowns during the summer.

Here’s how problems with the capacitors lead to air conditioning repair:

The capacitors act to store electricity from your power grid for use with the air conditioner’s various motors. They basically store energy to be used by your AC, ensuring that the air conditioner’s motors have continuous power when they’re turned on. That’s vital to keeping the unit running constantly when it needs to, as well as preventing excessive wear and tear on the system overall. Unfortunately, like a lot of electronic components, they generate a great deal of heat in the process, and our hot Florida summers don’t help in that regard. When the temperature soars and you’re using your air conditioner all the time, the chances of a capacitor blow-out increases, especially with older units that have seen a lot of mileage.

You can usually spot a capacitor overload if the A/C unit makes a humming sound when it starts up and the fan itself doesn’t blow. Replacing a capacitor is fairly straightforward, but it takes some delicacy and proper trained to do so safely. Since capacitors store electricity, they can be very dangerous if mishandled. If you detect a blown capacitor, the best option is to shut off power to the unit and contact a qualified professional.

For air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL, AC Designs, Inc. is ready to help. We know how to replace blown capacitors, and air conditioning repair issues of all sorts remain one of the primary focuses of our business. We’re completely dedicated to your satisfaction and we offer 24-hour emergency service because we know you usually can’t afford to wait to get your air conditioner up and running again. Give us a call to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!