The Advantages of Zone Control System Installation

ac designs team

One of the biggest downsides to central forced air systems is the lack of fine control over the environment in your home. Central heating provides the same temperature of heat to the entire house, and is controlled by one thermostat. Either the heating is on or it isn’t, and if you want one room to be warmer or cooler than another then you’re just out of luck. Zone control fixes this issue, and provides a number of other great advantages besides. Let’s examine the ways that zone control can help you.

What is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is a series of dampers installed in the ductwork of a central forced air system. These dampers can open or close, restricting air to some rooms while supplying it to others. A thermostat is installed in each room equipped with a damper, allowing that room control over its individual climate.

The Advantages

The most obvious advantage of installing a zone control system is the increased control over your home’s heating system. You can set the temperature as high as you want in the living room, while your roommates or relatives can each set their room to what is most comfortable for them. This increases the comfort of everyone in the house, by sparing them the blanket solution that central heating normally offers.

The second advantage is energy savings. By directing the flow of heat only to areas where it is needed, zone control systems prevent the heater from spending energy heating the unused areas of the house. This means that the heater spends less energy overall, which translates to savings on your heating bill.

A zone control system is a great idea if you’re looking for a more responsive and efficient heating system. A word of warning, though: installing the system involves modifying both the ducts and the home electrical system. Do not try to do it yourself! Call a professional to install your zone control system for you. In fact, call AC Designs Inc. We install zone system controls throughout the Orange Park area.