Take Out that Window Unit and Schedule Ductless AC Installation

ac designs team

Summer would certainly seem a lot longer without air conditioning in the house. Some homes aren’t set up to install a conventional central AC system, but homeowners do have other options. One of the most common solutions is a window air conditioning unit, mostly because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, due to the inefficiency and inconsistent cooling of these units, we strongly recommend a ductless system instead for most homes and even single rooms without ducts.

The problem with window AC units

Most central air conditioning systems have two parts: the outside compressor unit and the indoor blower unit. All of the components of a window unit are in one cabinet, which may seem convenient. However, this turns out to be an inefficient design, and most homeowners notice the issues soon after purchasing the unit. These do a poor job of cooling down a room completely, they use a whole lot of energy, and they can be noisy and leaky at times.

The benefits of a ductless AC

Installing a ductless AC will require more work, so you do have to hire professionals for the job. However, the benefits are well worth this, not to mention the added security and efficiency of having a professional do the work.

  • Hassle Free – One major reason to install a ductless AC is that you’ll have little to worry about by way of repairs. These units are more durable than window air conditioning units and a lot more painless to install than a new set of ducts as well.
  • Energy Savings – Ductless systems also save energy over window AC units—and lots of it. In fact, the efficiency ratings often surpass some highly efficient conventional split-system air conditioners as well.
  • Zone Control – One outside unit can connect up to 4 indoor units for various rooms, and each unit gets its own thermostat. This means you can keep the living room cool while leaving the bedrooms alone and vice versa.

Installing a ductless air conditioner is a job that requires the expertise of a skilled HVAC technician. Call AC Designs Inc. for professional ductless air conditioning system installation and service in the Orange Park, FL area.