Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

ac designs team

Duct cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance. Duct cleaning improves the quality of air in your household, helping to reduce the frequency of allergic attacks and lowering the amount of dust on your rugs and furniture to boot.  Here are some signs that you may need duct cleaning in your Jacksonville, FL home.

  • Poor air quality. Dust in your ducts gets blown about when your heating system or air conditioner runs. You might notice an excess of dust on your furniture, or sensitive family members may experience an uptick in allergic reactions for no apparent reason. You may also experience a dry nose and throat, or similar health irritants created by the excessive dust.
  • Higher monthly bills. Dust in the ducts often means dust in your heater and/or air conditioner a well. That increases friction on moving parts and lowers the efficiency of your HVAC unit in general.  Decreased efficiency means you pay more for heating and cooling. If you find you need to change your air filters frequently, you might have dust buildup in your ducts. Have a professional examine your system to determine the cause of your HVAC system running inefficiently.
  • Reduced air flow. Though this doesn’t happen in every case, severe dust build-up can hamper the flow of air through your system. That can also lead to higher monthly bills, since reduced air flow means reduced energy efficiency. If you notice that the air isn’t coming out of your ducts like it should, and the HVAC unit itself doesn’t seem to be the problem, it may be due to excessive dust in your ducts.

If you spot signs that you need duct cleaning, call the experts at AC Designs Inc. to help.  Give us a call today for expert Jacksonville, FL duct cleaning services.