Should I Bother with New Air Conditioning Installation in the Fall?

ac designs team

A summer in your home in Daytona Beach, FL would be close to unbearable without an effective air conditioning system to keep the heat away. If you think that your current air conditioner is be coming to the end of its service life, you will definitely want to replace it if the summer swelter is coming up. But what about during the fall? As the weather cools down, is it better to simply deal with an aging and no longer fully effective air conditioner rather than bother with arranging for a replacement?

In a word: No. There is never a bad time for air conditioning installation in Daytona Beach, FL, and sometimes fall is the ideal time to have the work scheduled. To find out more about your options for new AC installation, contact our team at AC Designs Inc. We have more than a decade of experience serving the hot and cold weather needs of residents in the Jacksonville and Daytona areas.

Here is Why You Should Arrange for Fall Air Conditioning Installation

When the weather drops a bit from the summer highs in Daytona, it’s easy to forget that the area can experience intense highs at any time of the year. The average high during October is 82°F, and January has experienced record highs in the low 90s! To put it simply, you cannot afford to take a chance that your aging and possibly failing air conditioner will be unprepared when you suddenly need it on one of those surprise heat wave days. An air conditioner in good running condition is a must 365 days a year.

Another reason to schedule AC installation during the fall is that it is an easier time of the year for installation technicians to arrange for the work. In the gap between the summer heat and concerns about warming up for winter, fall is a period when HVAC experts have more open work calendars. You should have no trouble finding a convenient time to have a new air conditioning system put in during the early autumn, and you will have ample time to make the best decisions about the type of system you want installed.

For the best results when it comes to air conditioning installation in Daytona Beach, FL, you should trust to experience and skill. At AC Designs Inc., we have NATE-certified air conditioning technicians to make certain that you receive top-quality work. After they are done with your installation, you will have the right AC to provide your home with years of worry-free cooling for any hot day. Call us today to schedule service!