Save on HVAC Costs in 2022 With Preventative Maintenance

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Maintaining your air conditioning and heating unit is similar to taking care of your car. It needs proper attention to function well and lengthens its lifespan. Homeowners tend to neglect their AC units which causes them to overspend when it comes to HVAC maintenance work and electric costs. However, investing in preventative AC maintenance has many benefits that include less expensive repairs and a lower electric bill. Scheduling preventative AC maintenance will help you save on your HVAC costs and energy bills in 2022. Here’s how:

Flow More Cash, Not Just Air With Preventative Maintenance

Many of those who invest in an HVAC system for a new home fail to properly maintain the HVAC system over time. This reduces system capacity and increases energy usage, eventually leading to costly and unnecessary repairs.

An HVAC system is similar to a car. When you ignore your vehicle’s check engine or TPMS light, chances are you will drive into some problems. Your AC unit, too, needs proper attention and maintenance in order to stay efficient and keep the home comfortable year-round.

When your AC unit works harder than normal to keep your home at the desired temperature, more energy is used and in turn, you receive a higher monthly bill. Therefore, there are lots of benefits to preventative maintenance.

When you schedule maintenance appointments for your AC unit, you will lengthen your unit’s lifespan, reduce overall repairs, improve energy efficiency and in turn, lower your monthly energy bill.

Additional Tips for Saving Money on HVAC Costs

HVAC maintenance in Florida can be expensive. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how much to budget for repairs. Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to keep overall HVAC costs low.

First, change your air filters as often as needed to maintain quality HVAC efficiency. Next, check on your outdoor unit and remove any debris or weeds from around it. Additionally, you should consider sealing your home’s doors and windows to prevent drafts from outside. These whisks of air can make it seem chillier or warmer inside which causes you to use your HVAC more, driving up energy costs.

Another option is installing a programmable thermostat that can decrease the amount of energy your HVAC system uses when you are not home. With a thermostat like this, you can automatically set certain temperatures for certain times of day which will reduce your bill in the long run.

Using curtains can also help keep your home cooler so you don’t have to use your HVAC system as often. They are especially useful during the warmer months when the sun shines brightly and for longer periods of time.

Remember, if your unit is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new unit. An old unit will run inefficiently and require more repairs, causing your HVAC costs to skyrocket. Schedule an appointment with an AC technician to determine if a new unit is needed.

Join AC Designs’ Maintenance Plan and Save

When you sign up for AC Design’s maintenance program, you are automatically locked into savings on your HVAC unit. You are guaranteed two pre-scheduled system checks per year, same-day service, one-day replacement on most parts and units, and more. By using our preventative maintenance program, you can expect lower utility bills, improved HVAC unit reliability, and an extended lifespan of your AC unit.

Don’t forget that with our maintenance program comes big maintenance savings. You will receive ½ off diagnostic fees and 20% off on repairs.

Get more out of your AC unit when you follow these tips for maintenance savings. Schedule a maintenance appointment with AC Designs, your choice AC company in Jacksonville, FL to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape. We’ll help you stay in your comfort zone all year long.