Reasons You May Wish to Go Ductless During Your Next Air Conditioning Installation

ac designs team

Ductless air conditioning systems are just what they sound like: a system without the ducts that run through attics and crawlspaces to spread cool air through your home. Instead, it spaces a number of individual, self-contained air conditioner units in different places throughout your home. Each unit can cool one single room or similar space, while the other units can be adjusted or even turned off as you wish. Air conditioning installation services in St. Augustine can usually set up a ductless system for you if you feel you need it. Only you can decide if it’s the right system for you, however. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to go ductless during your next air conditioning installation.

  • You don’t have the space for ducts. Ducts only work in houses which have sufficiently “hidden” spots for them, such as crawlspaces in the walls. If your home can’t support such a system, for whatever reason, then a ductless system may be an easy answer, and relatively simple to install as well.
  • You want the ability to tailor the temperature. Ductless air conditioning systems allow you to adjust the temperature in each room or area separately, unlike centralized systems, which require you to maintain the same temperature throughout the whole you. You could lower the temperature in the kitchen when you’re cooking, for example, while another family member in the bedroom can maintain a warmer temperature at the same time.
  • You want to save money. Ductless systems usually cost a little more to install than centralized systems, but they can make up for that with vastly improved savings on your monthly bills. Why? Simply put, you can turn off the air in sections of the home you aren’t using while still keeping the rooms you are using nice and cool.

Any of these are strong reasons you may wish to go ductless during you next air conditioning system, but every home is different and what works for one might not work for another. That’s why, in St. Augustine, air conditioning installation questions should be directed to the experts at AC Designs Inc. We can inspect your home, and then install the best system to suit your needs. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!