Air Conditioning Repair Tip 3: My Compressor Won’t Start

ac designs team

When it comes to air conditioning repair, Jacksonville, FL has the weather to press the issue. Our heat index rises every year, along with high levels of humidity people expect in Florida. Your air conditioning system provides you with a cool, comfortable home during even the hottest days. When you need repairs, they need to come quickly, and it helps to know some of the root causes so that you can better direct the technician to get your air conditioning running again quickly. For instance, if your compressor won’t start, you’re likely facing a significant problem. But what function does the compressor perform and what happens when it breaks down?

The compressor is an essential part of your system, compressing the refrigerant and making the cooling process possible. If the compressor fails, the air conditioning system can’t function. At best, the blower will simply move warm air into your system. At worst, the air conditioner won’t start at all.

There are several possible causes behind a broken air compressor, which may include the following:

  • Damaged wiring keeping the compressor motor from gaining power.
  • The compressor motor is overheated or burnt out, meaning it will not start.
  • There’s a leak in the coils, leading to the AC losing refrigerant.
  • Broken expansion valve. If the expansion valve or evaporator coils are damaged, the refrigerant will arrive at the compressor in liquid instead of gaseous form, preventing it from functioning.

Whatever the cause, you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible. With air conditioning repair, Jacksonville, FL doesn’t allow any room for error and the longer you wait the more you’ll have to ensure summer heat and humidity. The experts at AC Designs Inc. can help when your compressor won’t start. Contact us today to set up a diagnostic appointment. We offer 24-hour emergency service, ensuring you don’t have to wait to get your air conditioner up and running again.