Is Your Thermostat Costing You Money?

ac designs team

You’ve had the same thermostat on the wall for many years. Decades, perhaps. And it’s always worked the way it is supposed to, aside from dying batteries or other minor issues. But if you’ve never updated your thermostat, you’re missing out on an opportunity to save money.

You May Spend More Than You Need To

Is your thermostat a manual thermostat, or one with a digital screen? If it’s manual, you might have trouble getting the thermostat to the exact temperature you want. The small slider or dial might not line up with the temperature setting so clearly, and you could end up being a couple of degrees off from your intended temperature.

These extra degrees make a big difference. To lower the temperature a couple of degrees more than is needed, your air conditioner may use a lot of energy, and maintaining accurate, efficient temperatures is an important step in saving energy.

Programming Makes a Difference

Setting your air conditioning system in advance to adjust the way you’d like it to can save you a lot of money. It’s easy to forget to shut down your air conditioner before you leave the house. You’ve probably done it. But with pre-programming settings, you can schedule settings for comfort and efficiency.

Sets timers on your programmable thermostat to save money and stay more comfortable. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat, and you can make sure that the temperature is lower when you plan to go home and higher when you plan to be away.

Smart Thermostats Save Even More

A smart thermostat uses your home’s WiFi to give you access to the temperature settings no matter where you may be. Plans change, so when yours do, just open up an application on your phone to make energy-saving changes quickly. For example, you can delay automatic settings for another hour or two from your niece’s soccer game, or when happy hour runs later than planned.

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