Is Your AC Temperature Setting Too Low?

ac designs team

The more often you use your air conditioning system, the faster the components wear down. When you set your air conditioning system to the lowest temperature, you can quickly wear out the unit and harm the efficiency of the system. And besides, you probably don’t need the temperature to be so low!

Higher Temperatures Can Still Be Comfortable

We know that you may have the urge to turn the temperature down to 65° when you get home from work, hoping that your air conditioner will cool your home faster.

But this isn’t the way your air conditioner works!

Lowering the temperature any more than 77° or 78° is usually unnecessary and will cost you quite a bit. The motor in the AC moves at only one speed, so it’s going to surpass a comfortable temperature and just run for longer, using more and more energy the longer it is running.

The EPA recommends about 78° for maximum comfort and efficiency. This is a perfectly comfortable temperature setting for most people, and your air conditioner won’t have to run for so long to reach it. You should also turn the temperature up by 5-10° for 8 hours a day, usually while you are at work.

Get a Better Thermostat for Better Efficiency

When you first get home and the entire house feels like an oven, you want it much, much cooler. If your thermostat doesn’t allow you to program the settings ahead of time, it’s time for an upgrade.

Program your thermostat in advance to cool the home to 78° about 20-30 minutes before you get home. Or, get a wireless thermostat that connects to the Wi-Fi. That way, you can control the temperature in efficient ways and track usage from wherever you are, through an app on your smart phone.

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