Is Your AC Repair Too Expensive?

ac designs team

Your air conditioner has broken down. You call in a local air conditioning contractor, hoping the price for repairs will be low, and then you get the estimate. Hundreds of dollars you weren’t prepared to spend, and it’s suddenly your only option if you want to keep your home comfortable.

Worried that the price is too high? Wondering what your options are? Check out the guide below to learn more.

Could Your Estimate Be Correct?

Of course, it’s always possible that the quote the technician has given you is correct. Maybe you’ve done an internet search for the part that you need replaced and you’ve found it cheaper online. But remember: you’re paying for a quality part and the cost of labor. It must be the right size for your home and it must be installed with precision and skill, and your technician likely factored these things into the cost.

Maybe It’s Time for a Second Opinion

However, it’s always worth it to get a second opinion, if you can. Calling in a second company can do one of three things. First, it can confirm the original company’s diagnosis and pricing. Second, it can confirm the diagnosis, but present you with a lower price estimate. Or, third, your secondary diagnosis may prove that the first company was incompetent and incorrect, or that they were attempting to overcharge you significantly. It’s okay to delay a repair and tell your company you’d like a second opinion first!

Maybe It’s Time for a New AC System

A new air conditioning system is typically the best bet when a repair is verified to cost about half what a new system will cost. Sometimes, an improperly sized system runs into these types of problems earlier than you might expect. And after about 10-15 years and a looming alarmingly high AC repair cost, a replacement system is definitely the better choice.

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