Is a Heat Pump a Good Choice for AC Replacement?

ac designs team

As the weather heats up more and more, it may be time to ditch that older, ineffective energy hog of an air conditioner and replace it with a high-efficiency AC system. And today, you have so many options from which to choose. One of the more popular choices among homeowners today for air conditioning installation and replacement, especially in the Jacksonville area, is the heat pump. Talk to your local AC technician about your options, but check out a couple of the advantages to heat pumps in this guide.

The primary advantage of a heat pump

Based on the name of the heat pump, you may initially think that it is actually a heating system. And you would be right—partially. Heat pumps are primarily cooling systems with the ability to heat up the home as well, since they pump heat from one area of the home to another. In the summer, refrigerant absorbs heat and then moves outside, where heat dissipates into the air. In the winter, a few additional components allow refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors. This works even in very cold weather, so it should have no problem heating up a home on a cool night in Florida.

Advanced efficiency

Furthermore, heat pumps are efficient for both the heating and cooling season. Today’s heat pumps are manufactured using the most up-to-date parts, which is why they have such high SEERs (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for the cooling season. In addition, they are highly efficient for the heating season as well—more so than many other conventional heating seasons. That’s because moving heat around is a more efficient process than generating heat, as most systems do.

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