How to Tell You Need New Commercial HVAC Installation

ac designs team

Your commercial HVAC system has kept your employees, tenants, customers, and/or clients comfortable throughout the years. But as the years go by, you may begin to wonder: when is it time to replace an older commercial HVAC system? Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are built tough to handle a large heating or cooling load, but they cannot last forever. The following are some of the signs that new installation is the best choice for your business.

  • Old Age: Commercial HVAC systems unfortunately have an expiration date of sorts, although this number varies depending on the system. Ask your commercial technician about the lifespan of your particular unit or check with the manufacturer for an estimation. Keep in mind than if you use your system more often than the average property, or if you do not change filters and schedule regular maintenance, your system may not last as long.
  • Frequent Repairs: Another common sign indicating the need for new installation is frequent calls to a technician for repairs. Not every problem should be a major cause for alarm. If a problem with your HVAC system is fixed quickly, it usually will not have any major effect on your equipment overall. However, if you’ve found yourself contacting a contractor multiple times over the last couple of years, the components may be beginning to wear down. Generally, it’s less costly to replace the entire unit than to fix it piece-by-piece.
  • High Energy Costs: It costs a lot to run an air conditioning or heating system for long enough to heat or cool an entire building. But if you notice an even greater increase in your heating or cooling costs than usual, it may mean that the parts are in poor condition and cannot operate efficiently.

You should also keep in mind that commercial installations and repairs are a job for trained professionals only. Commercial specialists know what to look for with larger systems, and will not try to upsell you with a new system if a simple repair will keep it running for another year or two. Call AC Designs Inc. to speak with specialists about commercial HVAC in St. Augustine.