How to Save More Energy with a New Air Conditioner

ac designs team

You’re finally replacing that old, inefficient air conditioning system. This time around, you hope that your bills won’t be so out of control. Follow our guide to find out how your new installation can use far less energy than your older model.

Pick Out a High-Efficiency System

Upgrading a system that is ten years old or older will already likely help you to save money each month on your utilities. But selecting a high-efficiency system can save you even more, especially if you live in a warm place like Florida.

Choose a system marked by the US government as ENERGY STAR compliant. Then, check the SEER to find the most efficient system that is the right size for your home. Finding a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of over 16 means that the system will cost more, but you’ll save more money in the long run.

Join a Maintenance Program Right After Installation

Many people think of AC maintenance as something you do once you’ve owned a system for a long time. But it’s so important to schedule air conditioning maintenance every single year.

Getting a tune-up and cleaning of your system helps to prevent problems and lower bills, allowing the system to run at peak energy efficiency. Joining a maintenance program gets you scheduled maintenance visits each year so that you can save more and feel confident about the performance and efficiency of the system.

Work with Professionals You Trust

Your air conditioning system will not run efficiently if it is not installed correctly. Improper sizing is a major problem in the HVAC industry, and some installers just don’t do a thorough job of making sure a system is the right size for a home. Work with a company you can trust to do the job right.

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