How to Save Money on a New AC System

ac designs team

You need a new air conditioning system, but you’re worried about the cost. We know it’s stressful to get a new comfort system, but we’re happy to answer all of your questions when you pick up the phone and talk to our friendly staff members. For now, check out our tips below, and learn how you can save some money on a new air conditioner.

Focus on the Future

You might feel most worried about the cost of installing a system. But a new air conditioning system may save you much more over time if you choose one with a high efficiency rating. And a heat pump can save you money on heating and cooling. Remember that a high-efficiency system can offset its price in a few short years, while a low-cost system is probably that way for a reason—it’s cheaply made.

Get the Right Size

Getting a system that’s undersized won’t save you money. Most likely, the system will struggle fairly early on—over the first few years of its life. Your bills will also be much higher because the system will run continuously in an attempt to cool a space larger than it was designed for.

A larger system is no better. Too large, and the system may short cycle, running for shorter lengths of time and more frequently. This also wears down the AC system, causing it to fail prematurely and need more repairs.

Choose Reputable Dealers

As long as you choose reputable dealers, you shouldn’t have to worry about any problems with the system at the beginning of its life—and if so, a warranty should cover it. Many technicians offer a low price, getting away with shoddy work that causes the system to fail eventually. Get it done right the first time by choosing reputable technicians you can trust.

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