How to Know If Your A/C Cooling Setting Is Too Low

How to Know If Your A/C Cooling Setting Is Too Low

According to Consumer Reports, the cost to run your A/C increases about three percent by each degree you lower your thermostat. Not only can maintaining your A/C at a more efficient temperature reduce your summer energy bills, but it can also extend the life of your unit. Learn more about the optimal temperature setting for your central A/C.

Pick a Number and Stick to It

It’s important to avoid constantly adjusting your thermostat, regardless of what setting you choose. Although it can be more economical and efficient to keep your A/C at around five to 10 degrees above its base setting while you’re at work, cycling within the same five-degree range just forces your A/C to work harder without resulting in a measurable reduction in your electricity bill.

What Temperature Is Best?

Both EPA and Consumer Reports recommend a setting of 78 degrees when you’re at home, 85 degrees when you’re away, and 82 degrees when you’re sleeping. Although this can seem high if you’re used to something lower, it is surprisingly comfortable—especially when you consider that having the thermostat set at 82 degrees doesn’t mean the room will necessarily feel like 82 degrees.

Can Low Settings Cause Damage?

As previously stated, the lower you set your thermostat the more your unit will work, adding more wear and tear to your system. This can increase the risk for more problems down the line. To help maintain your unit and extend its life, installing programmable thermostats is recommended. Programmable thermostats help optimize the use of your unit by automatically lowering your home’s temperature when needed and raising it when you are not home.

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