How Ductless Air Conditioning Can Transform Your Home

ac designs team

Without any ducts, you may think your home is limited when it comes to comfort. But when you hear of the benefits of ductless AC (and heat!) you might be surprised!

It’s Not Like a Window AC

Window air conditioners and portable units just cannot do the work of central AC. But a ductless system is actually designed just like a conventional central air conditioner! There is an outside component and indoor parts too. The only difference is that the indoor blower units are mounted throughout the home, rather than in a central location.

  • It’s far more efficient and powerful than a window AC.
  • You can have a programmable central thermostat and multiple thermostats if you have a zoned system.
  • Leaks are not common, like they are with window units.
  • It’s much less obtrusive mounted high up on the wall, and it won’t take up your window space.
  • The noisiest components are kept outdoors, not right at your window.
  • It’s sized just right for your home, so you can expect it to perform properly for many years.

Is Ductless AC Right for You?

Ductless air conditioners are not right for every home. If you already have air ducts in your house, you don’t really need another type of system, as it’ll likely be more cost effective to use your existing system—even if it needs repairs or replacement. But ductless AC might be a good choice if…

  • You’re tired of the cost and hassle of keeping up with portable AC systems, and you want a system that will last for over a decade.
  • You want central air conditioning but cannot make any major renovations to a home without ducts.
  • You want to save money and stay comfortable with zoned cooling (and heating) by having separate blower units and thermostats throughout the home.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need qualified technicians to install this system for you.

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