How Does a Heat Pump Work?

ac designs team

A heat pump is the perfect comfort system for many homes in our area. Yet, so few people know about these systems, and that they make excellent replacements for aging air conditioners. A heat pump is a cooling and heating system in one, but the essential design is like that of an air conditioner. To understand how a heat pump works, you’ll first have to know about air conditioners.

How an Air Conditioner Works

An air conditioner works by moving refrigerant cyclically between the inside and outside portions of the system. When refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil inside of the home, it turns into a gas, which allows it to absorb heat as air from the home blows past it. The refrigerant then carries this heat to the outside unit. Pressure is added at the compressor, and when it moves to the condenser coil, the refrigerant turns into a liquid state. It can then release heat to the air surrounding the system. The refrigerant then returns to the inside coil and cycles through the system again.

The Reversing Valve of a Heat Pump

A heat pump has the same components as an air conditioner, except that they are designed specifically for use in a heat pump. It also has a reversing valve and some other parts that allow the refrigerant to reverse direction so it can absorb heat from outside and move it indoors when it gets cold. The evaporator coil becomes a condenser coil and vice versa.

This is a highly efficient means of heating a home. The heat pump can still absorb heat even when it is cool outside. Because the system does not need to generate heat, it does not require so much energy as a furnace, an effective but unnecessary heating system for Florida.

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