How Do I Take Care of My Outside A/C Unit?

How Do I Take Care of My Outside A/C Unit?

Even if you keep your indoor air ducts and filters as clean as a whistle, without regular maintenance, your outdoor a/c unit can quickly fall victim to environmental wear and tear. Fortunately, keeping your outside a/c system in good working condition doesn’t need to be a tough or time-consuming process. Take a look at some tips and tricks on caring for your outside unit.

Cleaning Debris

Your outdoor a/c unit is designed to suck in hot outside air and run it over cooling coils to produce the climate-controlled air that cools your home. But even with an air filter, this vacuum-like process can suck in leaves, grass, debris, dirt, dust, sand, and other particles. If your outdoor a/c system isn’t cleaned periodically, this debris can affect the air intake and cause your unit to work harder to cool your home.

You’ll also want to remove any grass, weeds, or other vegetation surrounding your unit. Not only can these weeds block air intake, but they can also serve as a breeding ground for bugs, spiders, and other insects that can get inside your unit and clog the system.

Checking and Covering the Unit

If you tend to not use your a/c for most of the winter, it can be a good idea to cover your outdoor unit with a canvas or vinyl zippered cover during the off-season. This can protect your a/c from the elements and keep it clean until it’s time to turn it on again in the spring.

Before you cover your unit, give it a good top-to-bottom inspection. Keep an eye out for issues like loose or broken grates, exposed or frayed wires, or other defects that could affect the way it functions. While some issues, like a loose grate, can be fixed by a screwdriver and a few minutes of effort, other problems (particularly electrical ones) can require a professional’s touch.

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